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Growing perils involving employment, disgruntled shareholders, mergers/acquisitions, government investigations, ERISA violations and employee dishonesty require more innovation and more flexibility among insurance programs and providers. At the same time, businesses want less complication. They want to make easier choices, and feel secure about their course of action. E-Risk Services has developed comprehensive insurance solutions and products that offer the versatility, simplicity and security the businesses of today are seeking.

Since 1998, E-Risk Services, LLC has been and continues to be dedicated to providing innovative, comprehensive, top-quality underwriting services. Our company is extremely flexible and easy to work with, and the "E" in our name reflects much of what we offer:

Every Risk Considered.

Flexibility and innovation help us address the many exposures present in every business. Our underwriters have personally reviewed over 500,000 companies, partnerships and limited liability companies. By putting this knowledge and expertise to work for our clients, we can tailor coverage to meet specific risk exposures.

Economic Protection.

Any litigation or other adverse liability situation may lead to severe economic loss for a business. We have designed our coverages to provide effective economic protection.

Executive Security.

Operating a business requires difficult decisions to be made every day. Our core products offer financial protection for the executives and managers who must make those decisions.

Ease of Access.

Our strategy has been designed to provide single source, streamlined services, including complete online access. Meeting the complex insurance needs of any business has never been easier.


Dedication and commitment to excellence, in all aspects of our operation, is our primary goal.